Civil Records - County

This is a county level search for civil court records. Civil records are generally divided between the upper and the lower courts, based on the monetary amount of the claim at-issue. Civil records include lawsuits, small claims, judgments, and other monetary related matters.

All our county civil searches are real-time, up-to-date searches done in the county court's predominantly used index. Depending on the particular county, this may be a computer terminal or a manual index search. County courts maintain records in a variety of ways. While many counties are computerized, others still use microfiche, microfilm, and paper to store files and indexes. Counties that have converted to computers do not necessarily place complete case files on their computer systems. For example, they may include only an "index" (summary) of the court file. Accordingly, a quality civil records search at the county level should involve a researcher who is familiar with the recordkeeping practices and policies of the individual court system being searched. Our county civil records search partner has a nationwide network of experienced, hands-on researchers which is the largest of its kind.

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