Criminal Records- County

Why Order a County Criminal Records Search?

As we discuss in more detail in Criminal Records – National, we believe that the national criminal records search has good value, and that its best use is as an investigative starting point. But, based on the drawbacks and limitations of ALL national criminal records searches, and since most crimes are tried (and the records kept) in the county where the crime occurred, our best practice recommendation is to also search the county or counties where the subject has lived, as well as the state where the subject has lived, in those states where the statewide criminal records search is available and presents a good value. (Please see our discussion and recommendations in Criminal Records – Statewide.)

The County Criminal Records search is a search of a specific county's criminal court records, including felonies, misdemeanors and infractions/traffic records. (For a description and explanation of the different levels of offenses, please see our FAQs: What is the difference between an Infraction, Misdemeanor and Felony?

Depending on the jurisdiction where the record originates, our County Criminal Records search results may include: Name, AKAs, Address, Sex, Date of Birth, Hair Color, Eye Color, Height, Weight, Race, Offender ID, Offense, Location of Conviction, State of Origin, Offense Date, Conviction Date, as well as height, weight and scars/marks/tattoos.

All our county criminal searches are real-time, up-to-date searches done in the county court's predominantly used index. Depending on the particular county, this may be a computer terminal or a manual index search. County courts maintain records in a variety of ways. While many counties are computerized, others still use microfiche, microfilm, and paper to store files and indexes. Counties that have converted to computers do not necessarily place complete case files on their computer systems. For example, they may include only an "index" (summary) of the court file. Accordingly, a quality criminal records at the county level should involve a researcher who is familiar with the recordkeeping practices and policies of the individual court system being searched. Our county criminal records search partner has a nationwide network of experienced, hands-on researchers which is the largest of its kind.

Also, it is important to note that courts do not usually share records with other jurisdictions. As a result, our best practice recommendation is to check each county where the subject has resided.

What Are Court Access Fees?

Court Access Fees are the costs charged directly by the County for the search. These Access Fees are charged to you (the customer) as a direct pass through cost – there is no mark-up or upcharge of any kind. In other words, you pay the same Access Fee that we are charged by the County to perform the search or your behalf.

Please see Court Imposed Access Fees for coverage jurisdiction and coverage fee.

This valuable Add On product may be purchased SEPARATELY from the Full Report. Pricing varies by county and federal district. To check the up-to-date pricing and availability, please click ORDER SEARCH from the Full Report.